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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week of January 31, 2010 Goal

My goal for this week:

25,000 words

Progress to date:

3,698 words 1/31/2010
2,879 words 2/1/2010
4,135 words 2/2/2010
1,309 words at 6am 2/3/2010 (couldn't sleep because of the damn scene in my head) 
HAVE NOT WRITTEN A WORD IN DAYS!!!! *smacks self* Bad Kerri, very BAD KERRI!!


12,021/25,000 for week of 1/31/2010-2/6/2010

Alright people, so here's the deal. Things keep happening to distract me from my writing, and as we all know distracting me really doesn't take much at all. I am trying though, really and truly, to stop this from happening anymore as I can't seem to stop thinking about this story. It's quite odd actually, no matter how distracted I get and focus on other things, the story always seems to be sitting at the back of my mind. Little bits and pieces of it will come to me throughout the day and I just have to write them down. All I can say is thank goodness for notebooks. :D

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