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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stretching or Merging?

My stories I mean. There's two that I'm currently working on. And yes, I'm aware I haven't owned up to the other one yet, but I am now. One, as you already know, is in the Fantasy genre, the other is Erotica. The reason I bring it up now is because over the past few nights I've had more idea for the Erotica novel than the Fantasy one. But something odd happened last night, or rather at around 3 o'clock this morning, while I was writing. My stories began to merge.

Let me explain. The fantasy novel, Immortal, contains a character in a supporting role that I really like, but we don't hear too much about in the story, not in regards to her past and such. The erotica novel, Games (tentative title),  deals with her in the past, before she meets the MC of Immortal. Now, while I was writing it, little things here and there were coming into the light for me about how I can link the two stories. Not necessarily change it completely so that the MC of Immortal gets pushed to the side. I like her far too much to do that. But just give a bit more history and depth to the story. Plus, a bit more depth and knowledge of a character which in the fantasy novel you hear all about her powers and that whole side of her, but nothing more.

She's a vindictive little wench, I'll tell you that. In Games you see a completely different side of her than you do in Immortal. But that's the beauty of the story to me. That I get the chance to explore areas of her that were unknown until now is the fun. The especially cool thing about Games, for me anyway, is the dynamic she has with another female. It's a love you, hate you, can't live without you, let's see how many people we can screw (and screw with) and how many ways we can do it, kind of relationship.

So is this stupidity on my part? Trying to link these two stories, no matter how tentative that link? I don't think it is. In fact, I think it's rather fun. Pulling out the erotica novel again, which I haven't touched in a very long time, was a good idea and I don't plan on shelving it again anytime soon. Especially not the way things are going.

I swear, one day that genre will be my bread and butter. ;-)

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