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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Touch of Christine - Volume I

I had this idea to showcase a friend of mine on my blog....not that many people will read it, but still... She's a really good friend of mine, her name is Christine obviously, and she writes all kinds of different things, but in these "volumes" I'm going to show her poetry. I like everything she writes. We've actually been collaborating on a Fantasy project, which unfortunately is on the back burner at the moment. I just like her writing, plain and simple. In many ways she excels in the areas I lack so that's just a plus of being her friend to me. She teaches me, which is obviously extremely helpful. But we also have fun when we bounce ideas off each other. For example; a couple of days ago I was obsessively thinking of a name for a ritual performed by a daemon in my current WiP and I just could NOT get the name right. All of the choices I came up with fell flat, they didn't work for me. So I asked her, something I should have done the moment I realized I needed the name, but better late than never. Within five minutes she was tossing so many ideas at me, asking me tons of questions (which she absolutely adores doing), and I had it. Inadvertently she also helped me add a few aspects to the spell itself and helped me define it a little better, which is something I was needing anyway.

Now, I'm not completely incompetent and have helped her on occassion as well. Tit for tat, that's just how we do things. So, without further ado, I bring you the first installment of my homage to my girl. ;)
Loves Tightrope
How much is to be said?
When these feelings are
The love had been true,
And now I’m just blue.
Cold rushes over my
I feel my hearts decline.
My heart is on the
Mercilessly you push it
Over the edge.
You made me crawl,
You stole my hope.
You watched me fall.
My loves tightrope,
My emotions grope.
You backed away,
Alone I fall, alone I stay.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
With the Moon, Mystical
When I sat on the moon,
To time I'd been immune.
Lost in my thoughts, the
Stars becoming my nightspots.

The happiness and laughter there,
Could make Earth feel drab and bare.
Of loneliness and sorrow beware.
Not much good comes from there.

While there I was mystical,
And had no need to be fearful.
I danced with the stars,
And spoke with the moon.
The night was always ours.

The moon it yawned,
The sun and morning dawned.
I bid farewell, and down I fell.
I awaken to the bed sheets soft,
I awaken to my lonely loft.

Many sorrows here I know,
For my soul, my tears would flow.
Bitter knowledge of where I am,
Life down here is a sham.

When I go back I will rejoice,
That there I have a voice.
I will take in the joy, take in it all,
I will not be afraid of the destined
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My Blood it Pulsed
You called me bitch
I was repulsed
I punched your face.
My blood it pulsed.
I scream your name
Made you twitch.
This was no game.
I swung, true in aim,
My blood it pulsed.
Your fury soared,
The wall my brace.
I dug in hard,
I scraped your face.
Your blood, it poured.
My blood it pulsed.
You punch me back
With such ‘Hooray’
My blood it pulsed,
I crawled away.
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Blah Blah Blah yadiyadiyah.
You guys are gaining chutzpah.
Try and find all of the schwa (s).
Let's get on a ricksha,
And go to the casbah.
My grandpa was a Choctaw,
My grandma knew the cha-cha.
If you call me a squaw,
I will find my pa, who
Does not abide by the law.
You can find my ma,
In Utah at the bourgeois spa.
The kids are playing on the
The lonely one on the bench
Has lockjaw.
Listen to the jackdaw, caw.
But you are my cat’s-paw!
As you read with a dropped jaw,
While you sit there in awe.
I will laugh at the one who
"Hoorah's" over colesaw.
Some claim to be in awe,
Over what I write, I would
Rather guffaw,
At the your inane huzzah.
Deja (vu)?
Blah blah blah Yadiyadiyah.
 (This is one of my favorite ones that she did. I love it when she gets all goofy and crazy in her writing because it frakin cracks me up!)
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Two Poems in One....(no real title yet)
I lay on the couch and try
Not to cough, as I hold
....................................Our Son.

You lay in our bed,
Sleep has won. Your
Worries are

Hot tears run down
My face. Their trails

I lay here upset,
The anger seethes, it

You lay there oblivious,
To any of my changes.

You have no worries,
I take care of it all, I
....................................Never falter.

Even when I fall down,
And crash into our wall
....................................I am stronger.
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A Moons Hope
As we walk through the shadows of yesterday,
We become lost and tomorrow seems so far away.
To stay in the past would be unwise, we must
Continue on clockwise.
When yesterday’s sun sets, we watch the moonrise.
The moon illuminates the path of tomorrow,
We should excuse all of yesterdays sorrow.
Sorrows, pains, and lies; what the moon sees can fright.
Purity and truth and all things right, is the moons hope and delight.
It could speak the wisdom of pasts, and clear the questions too.
The moon has no interest in this, for tomorrow's fresh and new.
While he has no qualms of circumstance pending,
He shines down his hopes for the earthlings.
What would he say if someone asked, "Why would you want to do that?"?
"I sit here forever little one, I watched the sorrows and all the pains,
I watched you fight for what you gain, you look to the past and
There you stay,
I want you to know the beauty of a new day,
With it can come such promise, such hope.
Yet in the past, you continue to mope."
"Why would you say such things? We carry on each day!"
"You carry on but here your thoughts stay in the past day.
You are walking the memory paths of the past,
What you don't see leaves me aghast!
You are blind to the consequences and joys of today,
I could tell you that right now is a beautiful new day,
You have already lost time so precious and true,
I will teach you what I think you need, tomorrow can
Bring such value.
Put aside your remorse and disdain, put them away and
Experience all that you can gain."
The moon and the man spoke for a while longer,
They spoke of all one can miss, they spoke of pains
And sorrows during their amiable chatter.
When they talked of joys and pleasures to come,
The man understood what the moon said was wisdom.
Soon he awoke with a start, he was in his bed but not in the dark.
The future's potential and wisdom's path he will forever embark.
The moon watched glad, as he bowed down and waited;
As he moved on, he knew she came with beauty greeted.
 (This one is probably in my top five favorites. I love her moon poems, all of them, but this one has always stuck with me for some reason.)
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Good Commanders
Good commanders should observe,
So that the livelihood they can preserve.
To fail their duties should be a crime,
Their people should never feel its grime.

Good times should be aplenty.
But things are not always so chummy.
To war some leaders must go,
Bravery they must always show.

When times are rough at best,
They confront their lives hardest quest.
While some may fail to try,
They protect their people, and some die.

To accept defeat they will not do,
To do it would be untrue.
The greatest conquests of their time,
Are not always the ones of their prime.

While some would like to say they tried,
And mock the foes, which at swords died.
Others never will forget,
But to protect their people, they will not

To sing their names in memory,
They do not ask for this in victory.
To continue on, through good and bad,
And always protect your comrade.

To stab your people in the back,
Would be dealt with as treacherous attack.
When thoughts of this cross your mind,
Remember it is best to be kind.

To be a good commander one must observe.
To be a wise commander one must know.
The nations honor we must preserve.
And to be the best nation, it must grow.
I hope everyone has enjoyed these as much as I do. We'll see further volumes to come because she has so many it's hard for me to choose which ones I should put up. :)

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