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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts and Tips.

Today we’ll start with Tips and making the best of your writing experience. I don’t believe that to be a successful writer one must suffer. You really should enjoy writing, there has to be something to keep you pushing forward!

Be One With The Writer.

The writer within needs to be taken care of, inside and out…if you feel like shit, have been going through issues or are overwhelmed by anything it will have an effect on your writing. Take care of yourself by eating right, exercising and caring for your body. Then there’s the inner, get out in the world, read books and do things you enjoy. Taking care of yourself and being in tune to your needs and the needs of your inner creativity will help out more than you could imagine.

Do Not Be One.

Don’t be your only support group, trust me it’s not easy or fun to go about writing a novel alone. It’s not impossible…but it’s not nice either. Have a writer support group…these people don’t have to be writers either. Anyone that supports you and your writing can work. Someone that will listen to you whine about your latest plot hole, or fight you had with a character. If these people can offer insight and advice, all the better, but if not they are listening because they care and know you will work through it.


Why are you writing? Is this a hobby of yours or do you dream of your name on a shiny new cover on a bookshelf? Perhaps both but you need to know what you're aiming for.

Are you in it hoping to make some money? Finding the big bucks in the writing industry is hard…not impossible but *hard*…okay so it may be near impossible, this should not be your sole motivation for writing.


This is the fun stuff. Did you have The Dream? Wake up and find yourself with an amazing novel, or you’re driving down the road and it hits you a potential #1 Hit! Or you could even do something like change a diaper and go…it’s an angel, and oh wow…here we go…And BAM! You’re off to write it in a frenzy with a diaper in one hand, a child in your lap and wondering how you got yourself into this…

You got yourself into this because you are a Writer and That’s How We Roll!

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  1. All so very true. Nice work! I suspect this will be very helpful for any aspiring writer who reads it.