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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Revamps and Rewrites

Well, this is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.... which coming from me is quite a feat :)

Revamping both blogs, though admittedly I haven't even made it to the other one yet, to refresh the look a wee bit...not too much though because if I try changing too much I'll just end up changing everything and I won't like it as much as I do now. Anyway, also added another author to this one because when it comes to writing she is as we always say, the other half of my brain. We just work so well together, I figured why not? Plus I can think of no other person in the world that I would entrust to write on my baby. Admittedly it's not a very popular blog but I take a certain amount of pride in it for some reason. I'm strange that way though. :D Allow me to introduce Christine, sometimes referred to as Greeny ;), and say that I'm glad she agreed to post here and I know she will be a valuable contribution here at My Fantasy Life. Ok, enough of my cheesy moment...

So, after the revamp is finished (a new post is already in the works also) I am also going back to the two stories I left behind. The Occult Collection and Immortal are going to be pulled from their graves......thankfully. I say this because they are my two favorite stories I've ever had ideas for and written. Something about them appeals to me more than any other WIP has and I did not like that I had to let them least for a little while. And since their voices have not only been living in my head this whole time, but recently screaming to be let out, I must do as they wish. Just as an aside, Immortal is being revised, not edited. After taking a look at about three chapters of it I realized that it wasn't coming across as well as I originally thought so we are going back to do it the way it wants to be done.

Off we go........................................

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