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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week of Jan 17, 2010 Goal

Ok, so I completely shorted myself last week and didn't come anywhere near the goal I wanted to. Bad Kerri! Very bad Kerri!! So I'm adding the difference to this week's goal and I hope I can actually do what I want this time. *crosses fingers*

My goal for this week:

25,000+16,940= 41,940 words

Progress to date:

1,564 words 1/17/2010
2,891 words 1/18/2010
459 words 1/19/2010
6,543 words 1/20/2010
4,216 words 1/21/2010


15,673/41,940 for week of 1/17/2010-1/23/2010

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